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Pros and cons of buying leads online

Lead generation for for majority of companies can be a lengthy process, and one of which many businesses are unaware of how to approach. In addition to this, the time and thought that is required to curate an impactful generation strategy is often limited for agencies who are focusing on their client roster.

This leads to companies buying leads online.

There are a host of positive and negative aspects that must be considered when attempting to buy digital marketing leads, such as the following;


  • Buying leads is an quick and simple transactional process
  • The lead generation process is simplified as zero marketing is required by your business
  • You can quickly increase your database’s capacity


  • This practice can often be more expensive than organically generating leads, depending on the number of leads you purchase and where you purchase them from. Additionally, ensuring leads are accurate through vetting can be costly.
  • The list of leads that you buy are not always unique to your agency, and can sometimes be shared with multiple business owners
  • You are not guaranteed that the leads you have bought are qualified, leading to a waste of your time, money and other resources.
  • Email deliverability can be negatively affected, as sending emails to users who are unaware of your business often leads to your messaging being marked as spam.
  • You run the risk of violating GDPR, as you cannot be sure that the data is fully compliant with regulation.

Ensuring the verification of leads that you purchase and acquiring their consent to be contacted is non-negotiable in today’s business landscape, as failure to retain permission can result in serious legal repercussions.

TrustedForm and Jornaya helps companies to avoid these circumstances,  protecting you by providing a certificate for every customer that you contact that proves their consent.